A Peak at the Futurewave Event Build

So, I do very very little official event blogging. I choose very carefully because I don’t have tons of time and I have no time for bullshit. Really it’s no surprise then that both of the events I’ve officially blogged have been Cursed Events. Last year I did the World Goth Fair and I’ve chosen to stick my toe into Futurewave on this time around. Futurewave is a little outside of my normal style, but I love several of the designers involved and others that I don’t know but look interesting.

It will surprise no one that Lokii has yet again done an amazingly wonderful build for the event. It is very fitting and very nicely done. I think people will like this one as much as her previous builds; I certainly think it’s fantastic.

The future will be open to everyone February 15th to 23rd. No slurl yet for you, but here’s a couple of pictures to tease you instead.

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